THE CITIZEN FOUNDATION - A curriculum suited for student success

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TCF's Students Are Its Brand Ambassadors

The Citizens’ Foundation, Canada is a CRA registered charity incorporated with the objective of providing educational opportunities for underprivileged children with an interactive, kid-centered teaching style.

We at VIP Cannabis Co. in collaboration with TCF Canada, sponsor a child's education with each new store we open.

OBAT CANADA - Restoration of Eyesight

Patient being examined at pre-screening camp

All refractive errors make your vision worse which includes : Blurry vision either up close, at a distance or both. Among the health interventions with the largest impacts on individuals, the economy, and society as a whole are cataract surgery and correcting refractive defects.

We are supporting OBAT Canada's mission to regularly set up pre-screening appointments and operations for people from underserved and underprivileged communities.

ISLAMIC CENTRE OF CAMBRIDGE - Building A Community Centre

For more than 25 years, ICC has offered daily prayers, family activities, a full-time day school. Moreover, ICC offers distinctive and high-quality services to the communities of Cambridge and its environs, primarily in three key areas: 1) Religion,  2) Educational and 3) Community Social Services.

We at VIP Cannabis Co. are contributing to the ICC for the development of a Multipurpose Building for Quality Community Services.

Waste Management Program

[Re] Waste is dedicated to altering how people perceive plastic waste. Plastic garbage from a person's home or place of business can be gathered, cleaned, and converted into a useful product using [Re] Waste's innovative technique. 

VIP Cannabis Co. is making a contribution to long-term sustainability by coming up with new ways to eliminate plastic.