THE CITIZEN FOUNDATION - A curriculum suited for student success

TCF school curriculum promotes an interactive, child centered teaching approach with emphasis on hands-on activities that help children learn, question and enjoy the learning process.

At VIP Cannabis Co. in collaboration with TCF Canada, we sponsor a child's education with each new store we open.

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OBAT CANADA - Restoration of Eyesight

Cataract surgery and correction of refractive errors are among the most cost-effective health interventions and ones with the highest personal, economic and societal impact.

We are supporting OBAT Canada's initiative of periodically arranging for pre-screening sessions and surgeries for members of disadvantaged and impoverished communities. 

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ISLAMIC CENTRE OF CAMBRIDGE - Building A Community Centre

Islamic Centre of Cambridge (ICC) has been established to provide unique and quality services to the Cambridge and surrounding communities, mainly in 3 major areas:
1) Religion
2) Educational
3) Community Social Services

We at VIP Cannabis Co. are contributing to the ICC for the development of A Multipurpose Building for Quality Community Services.

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